In collaboration with Leeds Museums and Mostly Older Than My Gran

Treasured Smuggled? Stolen? Saved?

An interactive exhibition and game at Leeds City Museum


Across Leeds City Centre, six treasured historical items are waiting to be discovered. Some were smuggled, others stolen, and some were saved by people from around the world and now they reside here in Leeds.

Your challenge is to scour the city for six unique objects and find them as fast as you can. Log your time by checking into Facebook and then find out whether you were the fastest to complete the Treasure Dash!

The person who achieves the fastest time will win £100 in concert tickets!

Terms and Conditions apply.

How to play

The treasure you’re looking for will be displayed on large posters at six different locations around Leeds city centre.

Follow the clues, keep your eyes peeled, and have your mobile handy so that you can complete the Facebook check in process when you find each of the items.